It’s been 15 years

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Wow. We are 15 years old this month. It’s certainly been a decade and half. From and advertising to andsome. Growing from a small Recruitment Marketing start-up doing print and press ads (remember those two) to a… erm… compact Digital Social Agency doing recruitment comms to employee branding (and everything in between). You see, we’ve never wanted to do a Google (who also launched in 1998).

Who’d have thought all those years ago, that we’d be even closer to the candidates that we’re trying to recruit for our clients? ‘Representing’ them on social media, as their community leaders, in constant dialogue with candidates 24/7. Probably creating more ‘comms material’ than ever before – except now it’s called content, updates and tweets. It’s hard work. But the buzz when it’s working is so much more personal, gratifying and involving – even emotional – than those days of old, creating ads/posters/brochures, distant from the audience you were trying to connect with.

We have changed. But in some ways we’ve stayed the same.

Our standards, for one thing. We still won’t regurgitate a strategy, approach or creative concept. Even if someone else didn’t want or like it. And, in this gobble ideas faster than a MaccyD world, we never repeat the same approach because no-one will remember it if you did. (We will though.) Our integrity is unchanged. In this ever-changing world of recruitment, we stand by our founding principle that ‘We’re not right for everyone’. Even if it occasionally costs us the opportunity to work with someone new. After all, wouldn’t you rather work with people who are as passionate about your business/brand/products as you are?

Teenagers, what are they like?

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