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Will Natal kill the Peripheral?

Having just come off a fun session of DJ Hero, a thought struck me. With the incoming Natal to the 360 and the Wand on PS3, where will we be without the glorious peripherals such as the Guitar Hero/Rock Band instruments and great DJ Hero decks? And who can forget those Time Crisis pistols? Never mind all the ubiquitous Wii controller-add ons like table tennis bats, golf clubs et al.

Can you imagine playing Rock Band 12 on air guitar or, even weirder, air drumming? There’s something quite satisfying having a piece of kit in your hands – even if it’s only a plastic replica – when you’re prancing around your sofa like Eddie Van Halen.

Still technology moves on and soon ‘motion control without the controller’ will be with us. Will the 360 and PS3 versions have the Wii-effect on sales? And games? Or will it just become another flash-in-the-pan gimmick?

Why don’t Recruitment Ad Agencies do ‘Twitter’?


Or Facebook. Or YouTube. Or many places in the world of Social Media? It’s been a subject we’ve obviously noticed and been aware of for a while – especially as we’re successfully involved in recruitment/employer branding ourselves.

Why the reticence? Many have set up Twitter accounts that tweet infrequently. Have they that little to talk about? Are they worried their ‘competitiors’ may use any news to their advantage? Do they not want to connect, share or learn from others? Or is it simply that they’re really unsure how to (or why they should) make the most of it?

Surely as the ‘buzz’ says Social Recruiting (using Social Media for recruitment) is going to be ‘the’ growth area in HR this year and beyond – how can they ‘preach’ what they don’t actually ‘practice’ themselves?

It’s just illogical – like taking swimming lessons from someone who can’t swim.

Time to use Social Media to attract the ‘right’ candidate

In the old days your recruitment marketing should have enabled you to attract the ‘right’ person. The tone and style of your advertising would sell the opportunity and your organisation’s culture to attract the perfect fit. As well as helping to de-select the wrong type of candidates from applying, if used correctly – it saved your time, effort and budget by avoiding the need to sift through hundreds of ‘wrong’ applications. It was surely better to interview from list of 30 – 40 ideal candidates. (That was the theory, and principal, that¬† we always subscribed to. Unfortunately many others placed too much emphasis on the volume of responses rather the the quality of the applications.)

Nowadays that principal still stands as good practice and if you throw Social Recruiting into the mix, there is an even more fail safe way to ensure your applicants are the ‘right’ fit for the role and your culture. By adding yet another level of de-selection in the application process. The ‘two-way’ conversation Social Media enables, can do so much than merely promoting the opportunity and what you’re really like. It should leave any potentially ‘right’ candidate with the impression that they’d fit in and prosper in their career.¬† But only if you know how to exploit properly. And you use it as part of your employer marketing campaign. Just don’t expect social media to replace all the other mechanics you’ve always used in the past – certainly not yet.

But now is the time to get involved. It’s time to stop talking about it and actually start doing it. Remember that you should be building on your previous knowledge and experience in recruiting, not replacing them. Play with it. Experiment with it. See what benefits and advantages this new area can bring. Above all, don’t be afraid – be brave. You’ve nothing to lose – except the ideal candidates for your business, if you don’t.