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It’s all about the candidate engagement… of employer branded content

EAT. employer brand. Real recruiting effectiveness – in 3 words. That’s how we blogged about it just before it won the Best Employer Brand at the CIPD RMAs last summer. What we didn’t talk about much then was how effective social media can be in bringing (and evolving) Employer Brands to life.

Gone are the days where the good old EVP can be researched and printed in stone. These days, brands must live in the real world, in real time. And definitely not in excel-sheet-driven-land, where content is planned ad infinitum while the rest of the world passes it by.

 photo eatcontent_zpsfa9fdd30.jpg

That is the strength of EAT. The message content upholds the employer brand ethos – why say it in 30 words when three will do. It’s put out when it needs to be. Not because it has to be. There’s a vacancy. There’s an update. There’s a different target audience to reach. There’s a short-term #hashtag campaign. There’s a real life event – like sunshine or a Royal Jubilee. There’s a branded update. There’s a recruitment drive. There’s a Pop-Up Recruitment event in days. There’s a promotion. There’s a three word sign photo. You get the picture. That’s what makes it engaging. Because it’s not in your face. Just like the brand. You see, employer branding can also be how you behave as much as what you say, tweet, update and share.

 photo EAT3wordpics_zps8a651857.jpg

It can (and should) engage your own people too. In EAT. the shop people use the EAT. Careers Community Facebook page to get internal news more than their internal newsletter. Showing the training, assessment tasks and promotions ‘live’ on social media – means it’s a living Employer Brand – happening as, when and as transparently as possible. Social Employer Branding, we call it.

EAT. are shortlisted in Best use of Social Media, Best use of Mobile and Best Employer Brand at the RADs 2013 tomorrow night. 3 categories. Is it meant to be? We hope so. (In three words, naturally).

It’s all about the candidate engagement… now and for the future

Candidate Engagement. It’s vital these days. It’s the key to employer loyalty. It seems to be the buzz of 2013. But hasn’t it always been? It’s not all about the attraction – it should carry on throughout the whole ‘recruitment’ process and beyond.

For schemes, like ITV Work Inspiration, the importance is even more so. They are the future of the business (and the industry). With a process from attraction to actual experience taking around 10 months – that’s a big challenge to keep the engagement alive.

So rather than us blathering on about it. We’re going to leave it to some of the engaged candidates to show how powerful it can be. After all, if picture is worth a thousand words, here’s around 20,000 words of screenshots:

 photo WIbest2weeksrecommend_zps6cfdd38d.jpg

 photo WIlieaboutagetweet_zps02fc4e54.jpg

 photo Screenshot2012-01-18at221301_zpse034897f.png

 photo WIshortlistedtweet_zpsc491ad11.jpg

 photo WIcheeseconvo_zps853dc169.jpg

 photo WIAssessmenttweet_zps29173248.jpg

 photo WIgotintweet_zpsb7c211e9.jpg

 photo WIdaysbirthdaytweet_zps8424e444.jpg

 photo WIlookingforwardtoMonday_zps7f6d7dac.jpg

 photo WILivepictweeting_zpscb674d5b.jpg

 photo WIKnowledgetweet_zpsc610f480.jpg

 photo WIThismorningstudio_zpsb3cab2d4.jpg

 photo WIseeingwhatshappening_zps8d238dbf.jpg

 photo WIexperiencetweet_zps3cd4655c.jpg

 photo WIadvicetweet_zps4329afed.jpg

 photo WIcelebspotting_zps31d5d10f.jpg

 photo WIsadlastday_zpse1cc909b.jpg

 photo WIThankyoufortime_zpsd0248b03.jpg

 photo WIMissITVinspire_zps6937c10e.jpg

@ITVinspiration has been shortlisted at the RADS 2013 for the Emerging Talent Campaign. Will it follow in the footsteps of ITV Experience which won the inaugural award in this category last year? We’ll find out on Thursday. Fingers crossed.

It’s all about the Candidate Engagement… through Social TV

It’s difficult recruiting good chefs. It’s even harder to find excellent chefs who are prepared to be Chef Tutors at a Cookery School – even one based in the kitchen of the two Michelin Star restaurant at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, surprisingly enough. So much so, that after 18 months searching, using trade websites et al – a completely different approach was needed.

 photo RBSocialTVteasertweet_zpsb91f3f34.jpg

The solution was a microsite selling this unique opportunity. That’s normal enough. The use of a LinkedIn group to encourage informed debate and interest. For many, that would be quite innovative. But who would have considered the use of Social TV for such a niché target audience? Exactly.

 photo RBoohlalatweet_zpsdc1b0e13.jpg

Now, as am sure everyone knows, Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons is the brainchild and passion of Raymond Blanc. Not only a celebrated chef but a highly regarded TV chef, whose programmes inspire working chefs as much as the public at large. They love watching for hints, tips and inspiration. And chefs, as we know, are more visual than word lead. They like to experience first hand. Quickly. Efficiently.

 photo socialtvcommentary_zps04f4636a.jpg

So, with dual screening becoming popular – this is almost 12 months ago, we’re talking about here – and a growing use of social media channels by the target audience – the newest BBC2 series by RB, The Very Hungry Frenchman, seemed to be the perfect vehicle to see what Social TV recruiting could achieve.

 photo socialTVtweeting_zpsb68685b4.jpg

We know it needed more than just a series of Job Tweets during the broadcast. So, @RBCookeryTutors the special created Twitter account, did more than that. It became the social media commentator of the TV programme. Live tweeting throughout the programme. Commenting about the on-screen events. Mention how inspiring it must be to work with RB. Chatting to viewers. Encouraging hashtag trending. Talking about the similarity of learning about French cuisine and teaching in a Cookery School. It engaged people. For the whole hour every Wednesday between 8-9pm for 5 weeks.

 photo SocialTVrecruitingtweet_zps28b7170a.jpg

And every evening we did that, we received questions, comments and direct messages from Chefs interested in  the opportunity at the Cookery School. In fact, one of the ideal chefs discovered by this approach, direct messaged 5 minutes after the first programme had finished. Ohh la la.

 photo oohlalatrendingtweet_zps0a281bee.jpg

@RBCookeryTutors has been shortlisted, alongside our work with @EAT_careers, for the Best Use of Social Media at the RADs 2013. We were so pleased by the results when it happened, so we’re hoping for a good result on Thursday night.

It’s all about the Candidate Engagement… #RADs2013 blog series

Lucky Cat photo lucky-cat_zps0bda378f.gif

Next Thursday, it’s RAD Awards night. So, it’s time for another of our andsome blog ‘mini series’ inspired by our five shortlists on the night – this year, we have ITV, EAT and the Raymond Blanc Cookery School in the frame.

We’re lucky to have been shortlisted in Emerging Talent Campaign, Best Use of Social Media (twice), Best Use of Mobile and Employer Brand. Once again, we’re extremely proud to have made it this far. And that they all have been recognised for embracing the use of Social Media, not just to recruit but to engage.

This 3 parter will concentrate on the importance of Candidate Engagement – from Employer Branding to the Applicant Experience and a little bit of clever targeting along the way.

It runs from Monday to Wednesday next week.

Leaving us all day on Thursday to sit waving at our lucky cat to bring us luck.

How the RAD Awards have changed in 20 years

 photo BRAs1994_zpsfbfaacca.jpg

This was 1994. The year I first set foot into the Grosvenor House to experience the British Recruitment Advertising Awards – as the RADs was then known.

(And it was also the first time I took to the stage to pick up the first of many coveted RAD awards – for a ‘Red Hat’ DPS ad for Pizza Hut.)

My how things have changed in the world of recruitment comms since then.

Scan that list of categories. Most were about how you targeted candidates in particular specialisms. Nowadays, it’s almost all about the types of ‘media’ used.

Ironic really. When, in the recruitment market of 2013, it’s all about the candidate experience.

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