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#socialrecruiting like the sex industry

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This just shows how ‘mainstream’ social media for recruitment has now become.

And illustrates why you really do need to differentiate how you do it.

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So what happened to 2013?

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This time last year, we listed our take on 13 things we hoped not to see so much of during 2013.

How did it go?

Copy Heavy Careers Websites.

Nope, still around and strangely as more sites become mobile-focused, so the content remains more copy based than visual/video

Employer Blanding.

Still plenty of me-too companies out there and for all the talk of the importance of employer branding, due to social activity, still not much movement on differentiating. (Guess that the focus on content curating means similar content?)

The Like, Comment, Share Game.

Thankfully RIP for 2013 in most cases.

Chip Shop Award Entries.

Again another one that seems to have died away, real entries for real clients is the name of the day.

Token Social Media-ism.

A difficult one – determined by how you define tokenism. Running a campaign using social media for it then leaving it to become mundane, or non-existent, would say it’s still around. But most now seem to realise the benefits, even if they’re still toe-dipping.

Social Recruiting Conference Overload.

This one has gone into overdrive this past year.

Big Data instead of Big Ideas.

Data still seems to be everyone’s fav, but…

The Over-Importance of Liking and Following.

Still here and still being used to say how successful your presence/campaign/employer branding has been unfortunately.

Design by Powerpoint.

Doubt this will ever go away for some people.

Facebook is just for Recruiting Graduates.

Nope, still the focus for so many. Shame that other sectors of recruitment are missing out.

Technology over Real Engagement.

Tech has remained the big beast as more often than not it promises engagement but then fails to deliver.

Curating Content rather than Creating Content.

More and more it’s been about creating content – for blogs. Wish for 2014 that there’s a realisation that blogging isn’t the only content creating that’s valuable on social media (especially in recruitment).

and not forgetting the infamous #NewYearNewCareer

Doubt that this perennial will ever disappear, no matter what the media.

Happy New Year from the andsome bunch.

What is innovation in recruitment?

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In the recent surge of interest in all things Google+, we came across a piece extolling the virtues of the much vaunted Hangouts… for recruitment. Basically, one of the many (questionable) selling points used referred to the fact that a G+ Hangout – which offers 10 participants on a growing, but still under utilised platform – was much better than say a Twitter chat. The reason? Well, Twitter chats aren’t really innovative any more – and Google+ hangouts are. There you have it.

So, communicating in a so-called less ‘innovative’ way to an unlimited number of participants on a more actively used channel, populated by more candidates is dismissed because its been around a while and isn’t the shiny and new thing it was a few years ago. Odd reasoning, don’t you think? Considering how there are many companies with resistance/doubts/troubles about using the social stalwarts of Facebook and Twitter effectively for recruitment or comms even now. You probably only have to #AskJPMorgan for more details, if you wish. (And then you could also #askgarybarlow for a second opinion too.)

It’s interesting that the more mature ‘social recruiting’ channels are now starting to be questioned. Even in their relatively short lifespan. There are lots of assumptions. Mainly by those who haven’t utilised them effectively or experienced what they can do over time. Just because the industry thinks certain aspects are now passé – does your actual audience? For example, they haven’t been exposed to a multitude of industry Twitter chats or conferences that expound the virtues of social media/recruitment. They’re too busy watching TV, tweeting and Facebooking what’s just happened on X Factor, instagramming their latest GBBO-style masterpiece or snapchatting everything. Getting on with their lives. Where looking at a company recruitment page on Facebook is the norm. Using a #hashtag is everyday. And Google+ probably doesn’t mean much.

It all kind of typifies how the recruitment industry is obsessed with ‘must do something new’ even if they haven’t ‘done something right’ with their current approach. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for innovation. But for the right reasons. Don’t ignore where your audience is. Who you should be talking to. And how. So let’s not just do something innovative because you can. Do it because you should. There is a difference.

When branding is more than a logo

In a time when brand guidelines seek to stifle creativity. When exclusion zones, minimum sizes, usage do’s and don’ts rule the roost. Where brand guardians fiercely protect their turf over the insurgent designer who dares to be creative by ranging the brand font right. Along comes the day when a brand proves you can be far bigger than your ‘brand identity’. Well done Sun.

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It’s all about the uniqueness… of targeting your audience

It’s not just the use of social media per se to find and recruit a certain audience that we’re talking about here. Knowing where to target is often used to shotgun your messages at them. But the true benefit of social media is utilising how your target audience use social media, that is the key. Joining in with them, rather than shouting at them.

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Take Boots. Everyone knows you can pop in for pharmacy advice, beauty tips, etc… but for a spot of hair styling? Yes, Hair stylists are to be found at the Bumble and bumble Styling Bars in selected stores across the country. Who knew? Certainly, not many hair stylists until we started to attract them through social media.

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There is a whole social media world of beauty and fashion out there – just look out for the #bbloggers and #fbloggers hashtags. Across Twitter. All over Instagram. Throughout the blogshere. It’s everyone from make up artists talking about the latest trend to hair stylists showing off their newest look. The perfect environment for attraction. By joining in with their world. Blogging like they do. Pictures of hair styles like theirs – but created in a Boots. On hashtag overload like they are. (Plus the extra twist of an #instajobs in there.) BootsStyle has become part of their world rather than looking in from the outside.

 photo RBCookeryCampaign-RBpassion_zps5befa531.jpg

Then there is the RB Cookery School. We knew that chefs were heavy users of Twitter and that they followed celebrity chef TV shows which led us to the Dual Screening Social TV approach that we blogged about in January. This understanding of their involvement in both mediums, their love of cooking, their inspiration – and the unique social TV commentary – ultimately culminated in recruiting success after 18 months of relying on the more traditional ‘targeted’ method of industry recruitment  job boards.

 photo RBCookeryCampaignworkwithRB_zpsfd604732.jpg

But rather than us go on about it even more, here’s Jason, who was recruited through Twitter, to tell you what he thinks:

“So there I was settling down to watch the first episode of The Very Hungry Frenchman, wholly unaware that a cursory glance at my Twitter page was to change my working life for good. I read a tweet from @RBCookerytutors saying to follow them for interesting news on the job front. The follow-up tweet was the info I had been waiting for. It said, “Chef’s, would you like the opportunity to work with Raymond Blanc as a tutor in his Cookery School”. Knowing I had to react fast I sent a direct message and the ball was rolling!

I think the whole recruitment process has been brilliant. When I tell people that I got my job at the Raymond Blanc Cookery School through Twitter they are fascinated and are keen to know more. It is a fresh, modern and innovative approach to finding staff.”

@RBCookeryTutors has been shortlisted at the Digiawards, on Tuesday, in Best Use of Microblogging and in Recruitment Effectiveness at the CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards on Wednesday night, together with Boots (with #BootsStyle) which has been shortlisted in Best Campaign. We can’t wait to see what reaction the judging audience had in the final results. Fingers crossed.

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