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Another job blog for a new #andsomejobhunt

Here we go again. We’re looking for yet another newbie to join our andsome team. This time it’s all about digital (and social media, naturally.) There are plenty of links on the left there to give you more of an idea of what we’re about. (Not to mention, stalking around the posts on this blog). Basically, we’re a communications agency into recruitment marketing, internal comms, employer branding – with a growing, award-winning reputation for innovative social recruiting. That probably explains why we already have projects and campaigns for over 8 new clients to launch in the New Year.

That’s where you can come in. Working through the whole spectrum of digital, online and even some good old print media. So if you’re interested in everything from JQuery to HTML5, Adobe Suite to video editing, tweeting 140 characters to artworking a 40 page brochure plus stretching your thinking with concepts and ideas. This is the blog, sorry, job for you – if you’re fresh out of college/Uni or been working for a year or so.

What more could you ask for? Well, ‘how do you apply?’ is the starting point. We’re putting our social recruiting rep where our mouth is, so it’s going to be different. Look at our website – – both on your macbook and mobile. What do you think? We’re looking to re-develop it next year, so here’s your chance to start us off by designing/creating what you think it should be like. Email your thoughts/designs/links to Nothing that new there, you think… but here comes the different part.

If we like your idea, we’ll invite you to an ‘andsome jobhunt Google+ hangout'(phew), so that you can really sell it to us. (Don’t worry, if you’re not on Google+, we’ve plenty of invites to share.) Then, if we like what we hear, we’ll invite you over to see you in ‘real time’ for an interview. Sound good? Then get your thinking caps on – we’d like to start ‘hanging out’ by mid-January, as we’d love you to start with us in February.

Keep in touch with what’s happening by following #andsomejobhunt on Twitter and we’re always around on there if you fancy a chat.

We look forward to seeing what you can do.

STOP PRESS: We’ve decided to put an ‘official’ deadline on this now, it is… taa daa… Friday 13th January. For the lucky ones, we’ll be holding our Google+ hangouts during the following week.

No ‘gimmicks’ social recruiting

Nowadays there’s starting to be a plethora of ‘attraction’ being waved in front of potential candidates on social media. Games, competitions, prize draws – you name it. Most work to gain followers/likes but are they the right kind of ‘numbers’? Have they joined in purely for the prize? To beat the game? Or because they actually want to work for a company like yours? Some will, many won’t. And what if you haven’t the budget for a nice bit of gamification or a lovely five-figure prize fund?

Using social media as a ‘social’ space rather than a game/competition platform can still pay dividends. Encouraging real old-fashioned ‘Word of Mouth’. People actually telling their friends (on Twitter and Facebook) about the opportunities. With their own messages rather than the ubiquitous social media way of clicking a share button, pressing ‘Like’ or sending out a ReTweet. We’ve seen it.

And that exact ‘social’ approach has worked in couple of our recent ‘entry level’ campaigns – each using Twitter as the sole driver to a ‘community’ page on Facebook. Over a period of a few weeks they generated almost 3000 applications between them. Without any paid advertising – PPC or otherwise. No prize ‘gimmicks’. Not a game achievement in sight. Just interaction. Conversation. Word of Mouth. And, most importantly of all, the holy grail of social recruiting – brand engagement.