Achievement or Trophy whoring – which turns your thumbs on?

It’s a strange phenomenon, isn’t it? In gaming years gone by, it was all about beating the game. There was no finer feeling than defeating the end boss and sitting back basking in glory as you watched the credits roll past your bloodshot, late night gaming eyes. Then it all changed.

Blame Microsoft. The introduction of those pesky Gamerscores. No longer was it enough just to play through a game. There were points to be won. Up to 1000 (or more with additional DLC). Bragging rights to be earned. Achievements to be ‘advertised’ in your sigs across all your favourite forums. Then Sony got involved by introducing Trophies on the PS3. Bronze. Silver. Gold. Platinum. Glittering epitaphs of your gaming prowess for all to see.

As a multi-platform gamer, which makes you want to go that extra mile/level/difficulty/hour? For me, it’s simple. Numbers. Honest to god, count on your fingers numbers. You know where you are with them. The higher, the better. Trophies just feels all jumbled up. 160 Bronze. 100 Silver. 28 Gold. 1 Platinum. Whatever? Give me a straightforward total and I’m happy. Today my Xbox Gamerscore stands at 36741. Easy. How do you like yours?

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