Thanks Stephen Fry, for 3 great years of Twitter and Social Recruiting


It’s our Twitter 3rd birthday today. Like most people discovering Twitter around this time in early 2009, it was news of the Twitter ‘exploits’ by a certain Mr Fry that pointed us in its direction. So we’d like to say a big, sloppy thank you, Stephen. For without you:

…we wouldn’t have spent the last 3 years tweeting, retweeting, sharing, linking, spouting, chatting and, always, learning in the Twittersphere.

…we would not have become so engaged in the world of social media and, from there, into social recruiting.

…the andsome business might have missed the chance to embrace the opportunities offered by the above – so fully and so early on.

…midnight hours wouldn’t have been so delightfully filled by everything from one&other 4th plinth chats to managing communities and recruitment campaign deadlines.

…our awards shelf would be significantly emptier.

…and our clients (both old and new) couldn’t have taken full advantage of our knowledge, expertise and interest to help them recruit more creatively and effectively in this space.

We can’t thank you enough.



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