No ‘gimmicks’ social recruiting

Nowadays there’s starting to be a plethora of ‘attraction’ being waved in front of potential candidates on social media. Games, competitions, prize draws – you name it. Most work to gain followers/likes but are they the right kind of ‘numbers’? Have they joined in purely for the prize? To beat the game? Or because they actually want to work for a company like yours? Some will, many won’t. And what if you haven’t the budget for a nice bit of gamification or a lovely five-figure prize fund?

Using social media as a ‘social’ space rather than a game/competition platform can still pay dividends. Encouraging real old-fashioned ‘Word of Mouth’. People actually telling their friends (on Twitter and Facebook) about the opportunities. With their own messages rather than the ubiquitous social media way of clicking a share button, pressing ‘Like’ or sending out a ReTweet. We’ve seen it.

And that exact ‘social’ approach has worked in couple of our recent ‘entry level’ campaigns – each using Twitter as the sole driver to a ‘community’ page on Facebook. Over a period of a few weeks they generated almost 3000 applications between them. Without any paid advertising – PPC or otherwise. No prize ‘gimmicks’. Not a game achievement in sight. Just interaction. Conversation. Word of Mouth. And, most importantly of all, the holy grail of social recruiting – brand engagement.

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