How we put the social into recruiting… following soon

Last summer, we ran a week-long blog series on ‘How we create the whole recruitment experience…’ to celebrate our (and our client’s) nominations at the CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards. You’ll find them all archived in July 2010, if you’re interested. So we thought we’d reprise the idea for our RAD Award Shortlist successes. (Not like us to re-visit old concepts, we know – but please forgive us this once, OK?)

Interestingly this time, they all happen to be focused around the ‘social’ aspect of candidate/employee engagement – generating conversation, creating involvement and their messages being spread by word-of-mouth. But that doesn’t mean they all involve social media and social recruiting. Ah ha. These ‘techniques’ have always existed even before Facebook and Twitter were a gleam in a coder’s eye.

So every day next week, we’ll be publishing a new post about each example. With an insight into what we did and what it did for the likes of ITV, Paul UK and Zizzi.

The last series culminated in the winning of two awards on the night, let’s see what this one can bring next Thursday. Fingers crossed.

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