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The fifth (and final) in our week of blogs about all aspects of recruitment as demonstrated by our nominations at the CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards 2010:

What would attract six ‘creatively-minded’ individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds to join a unique internship at ITV Studios? To learn, understand and develop Global TV formats and programming. And all on a minimum budget. Yes, there was no army-sized wallet to dip into here. (But many congrats to Skive for what they did – no sore losers here.)

What we did do here was stretch the budget to its maximum impact with a multi-media campaign including on-campus posters, digital advertising targeting diverse communities, some social recruiting via Twitter and a stand alone microsite.

i am tv web

In just two weeks, the website (the only place containing information on the internships and how to apply) received over 1,800 visits in just 2 weeks.

Even though, the vacancies were in London it also received visits from 33 countries from all four continents – including students from 26 worldwide Universities. Interesting, when the campus posters only appeared in 5 London ones.

We had Twitter conversations with like-minded candidates from across the globe too. Plus the Tweeting wasn’t ‘Bot-feeds’ of links to the microsite, we engaged in general TV topics and created trending topics such as #TVTuesday to generate more interest and appeal.

i am tv twitter

So the results? Well, unlike the average internship (or recruitment process in general) ITV Studios weren’t interested in just your average CV and covering letter application. (In fact, we actively discouraged them.) No, the call was for ‘creative’ applications. And they came in their hundreds. Shoes. TV sets. Films. You name it (and you probably can’t some of them), ITV received them. 50 applicants made it through to the assessment workshops and the final successful six shone from there.

And that brings the curtain down on our ‘whole recruitment experience’ week. We hope you’ve enjoyed it and found it a useful insight into what and how we do ‘our stuff’.

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