How we create the whole recruitment experience…to be continued

Next week on Wednesday is the awards night of the 30th CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards. We at andsome with our clients ITV, Nando’s, Paul UK and Zizzi are all lucky enough to have five nominations on the night. And they’re not in what we call the ‘beauty’ awards such as Best Art Direction or Best Website.

No, they’re in the more ‘serious’ business-related categories of Best Internal Recruitment Communication, Best Employer Brand, Recruitment Effectiveness, Diversity and Best Candidate Experience. These categories are the one’s that show how client and agency can work together to create recruitment that attracts, engages and successfully recruits in an effective way. That’s why we’re always prouder to be nominated for (and maybe even win) these than the others. We love using our creativity but the true measure of it is when its effectiveness is proof of its success.

So in celebration, every day next week we’re going to blog about each one of these areas. We’ll show some of the nominated work and talk about their whats, hows, and whys.

And who knows, after Wednesday some of them may have even gone one better than being ‘on the shortlist’. Here’s hoping.

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  1. Mark Beavan Said:

    I am really looking forward to this series. I have seen some really good stuff coming out of ‘andsome towers. I am a strong believer that creativity isn’t limited to the actual ‘put down’ of an idea – but more about the thinking involved in getting there.

    I wont be there, but I wish you and all the nominated clients and agencies the best of luck.


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