What is important in engagement?

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Nowadays, engagement is the social recruiting flavour of the day. And so it should be. Getting people talking about you – and perhaps, more importantly to you – rather than just following and liking. But how key is it? There are still plenty of discussions around today focusing on involving not broadcasting. It’s a topic that’s been doing the rounds for a good couple of years or so. (In fact, we first touched upon it 2 years ago with ‘It’s okay if no-one Likes your social recruiting’.)

After all this time, and all the developments there have been, our view on this hasn’t really changed. There will always be Lurkers. Come on, who out there ‘watches’ certain accounts but doesn’t get ‘involved’ with them? We all have, haven’t we? And we’re all part of this social media world as a profession not just using it for fun. It can be a matter of time. Confidence. Interest. Whatever. So, Lurkers don’t Engage. They won’t Like. ReTweet. Or +1. They might Follow. But, one thing they will do is Apply.

Just like on a Twitter chat, a core audience will take part in engaging with your Twitter account or Facebook page but there will be many more ‘listening’ from afar. There in the background. Taking notice. Being persuaded. Clicking links. Who’s to say they’re not right for your business/organisation/role?

That’s why, in this new era of Big Data, of all the figures bandied around – Followers, Likes, Shares, Talking About, even Click-Thrus – the most important one is number of applications. It’s great to have real engagement but without any ‘action’, it’s just all talk.

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