Why recruitment is a social experience… for entry-level Effectiveness


The Future Talent of your business. That’s always been a primary focus of recruitment. Until recently, that’s been realised as the focus on recruiting Graduates. Nowadays, Apprenticeships have come to the fore. But what about those at the pre-graduation stage of Uni or even those pupils at pre-A-level. Well, that’s the ITV approach. The attraction of the 14 to 24 year olds. The new generation of TV. The new mobile/social generation, in fact.

That’s why we targeted them all through Social media. For Work Experience. For Apprenticeships. For Internships. The popularity of Facebook. The growth of social TV – incorporating Twitter (think how many TV shows don’t use a hashtag these days). Their constant online, connected lifestyle. It makes complete sense. What better way to reach, talk and engage with them. Even before they’re ready to start a working life.


Involve them on a journey to a career and they’ll want it to be with you when they can start. Keep them engaged in the places they are. Don’t just talk about you as an employer. Talk cheese. Talk Christmas. Talk TV shows. Just keep talking. They use the platforms to keep in touch more than they do to just share content.

Remember that to most of this age group, texting has been second nature – so the progression to social media has been no great leap. Engage with them as they would their peers and you’ll have a friend, if not an employee, for life.

ITV were shortlisted in Recruitment Effectiveness at the CIPD RMAs for the entry-level initiatives of @ITVexperience, @ITVapprentice and @ITVinspiration. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the result we were hoping for in this one last night but we did manage to win Best Diversity Initiative with ITV and Best Employer Brand for EAT.

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