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Social recruiting in real time

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Most of you by now will have seen ‘The Best Twitter Conversation you will see today’. Lauded as an example of how brand social media managers can join in the conversation and have some fun. Not forgetting that the whole scenario kicked off with Tesco Mobile dealing with a sarcastic customer tweet. This is yet another example of the benefits of live (and listening) social management. Where there is always a hand on the keyboard waiting for the opportunity to have a conversation (no matter which direction it may go). Much of Social Marketing has it spot on.

While over in Recruitment, there currently is a seeming obsession with making life easier with technology and the ‘effective’ use of social media through time saving platforms. Common or garden ‘Scheduling’. Now think on. Would that Tesco Mobile, Jaffa Cakes et al, scenario have ever played out for recruiters and recruitment accounts doing that? Mostly not. We think that’s a shame and the reason why 99.9% of our social management has always been live. Behind every tweet and update, there’s a real person at the keyboard. It’s amazing the number of conversations we’ve engaged candidates in by being there in real time. And not it’s always about serious recruitment questions. There’s fun to be had in recruiting too. Especially when you’re there at the moment, that’s what really matters. And it should be no surprise what a real difference it achieves to how you’re perceived as an employer. Plus it’s much more enjoyable than letting your ATS autotweet every vacancy that goes live or constantly setting up Buffer a week in advance.

Community Management with a passion

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Above is the ‘resignation post’ by Rich ‘FilthieRich’ Bantegui the Facebook Community Manager for Tekken (that’s a fighting videogame). A perfect representation of what it takes to be manage a community on Social Media. It’s all about passion. Whether you work internally or externally for a brand, it’s your interest and involvement in that brand that needs to come through. It doesn’t matter if you’re social marketing or social recruiting, that factor is the same.

It’s about hearts and minds, not excel sheets of content and timeplans of updates. And for social recruiting especially, it’s chasing the holy grail of conversation with, and amongst, candidates. That’s true engagement. The real buzz of being involved with a recruitment platform. The more mechanical engagement of ReTweets, Likes et al just don’t compare with that human element.

The candidate engagement should drive your approach and creativity. Which in turn drives their involvement with you. You can’t really have one without the other. In our opinion, community management is never just a job (even if you’re ‘selling’ jobs).

Do you read before you Retweet?


Sometimes it appears not many do. A quick click on a link ends up with a visit to an error page. Goes through to an expired job listing. Or worse still – you land on a page that isn’t worth a click thru because of the poor content or out-dated information. And that’s not just blog links.  Job listings are culprits too. Passed on too late or from bad sources, but no one actually cared to check them out first. Getting carried away with the catchy blog title or the ‘profile’ of the original Tweeter themselves.

Is it now all about being seen to share as opposed to spreading knowledge or opportunities that are interesting? Perhaps the cause celebré, amongst many a social media ‘guru’ – that of influence, is the cause of this frantic need to retweet? So much for the value of sharing. Don’t get us wrong, it is great to share. But at least ensure that it’s worth the effort.

PS. Don’t forget to RT this blog, obviously. 😉

Content. Content. Content.


Yep, we all love good, funny, interesting stuff these days. That’s why much of the talk in social recruiting is about content nowadays. Content to Like. Content to share. Content to get you noticed. Invariably, this is being narrowed down to photos. (Plus the odd video or two, naturally.) And when we say photos, do we mean all those cutesy animal memes that are de rigueur at the moment in social marketing circles? Almost. But there is a question you must ask yourself. This content, any content, will it build my employer brand long-term or is it just a cheap method to gain some ‘notoriety’ in the short-term? That is the key.

There is an overload of content out there you can share. Blogs. Pics. Vids. News. It’s great to share other people’s content, it shows you’re aware, helpful and not ‘corporate’. Photos and videos are the most shared forms of it out there. But is it better to share others or your own? Sharing curated content is nowhere near as powerful as sharing created content. It’s almost the same as an autobot Twitter job feed, in our opinion. We say your ‘own’ wins hands down. Sure it may take some extra effort. Getting that blog written, planning a strategy for using Instagram or producing a video but it says more about you as an employer (and business) than another ubiquitous link. But you do only get out of it, what you put in. The right content builds a picture (no pun intended) of your business. Your people. And most importantly, your employer brand.

So think carefully about your approach. Would even a simple well written, interesting tweet say more about you as an employer than sharing yet another LOLcats video? Just remember, first impressions aren’t always lasting impressions.

Social recruiting can be social marketing too

Doing the rounds community managing our Social Recruiting Twitter accounts yesterday, I came across a conversation in a stream wishing that one of our retail clients had an online store to buy from. It was just a random tweet. The client’s marketing Twitter didn’t pick it up as they’d ‘clocked off’ earlier in the evening. So, taking off the recruiting hat, I tweeted that they did with the link to their e-commerce site – after all, recruitment is about promoting the business as much as any vacancies, right? Within 15 minutes, received a reply saying they’d placed an order. All of this between 10.30 and 10.45pm.

Now that person will probably never want to work for this retailer, but they may know someone who will. As it happens they are a magazine and radio journalist, I discovered afterwards, so that could work in our client’s favour at some point. Plus the brand reputation of our client has gone up a notch, all for an ‘out-of-office-hours’ tweet. Bi-winning, as Charlie Sheen would say.

It’s another small, but we think powerful, example of the benefits of utilising social media channels for recruitment. Especially, to all those nay-sayers and ostriches out there who don’t think (or want to ignore) that people will connect with ‘recruitment accounts’. Or that they’re far too much of a risk as you’ll be overwhelmed with negativity to the brand.

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