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How we create the whole recruitment experience…Candidate Experience

Nandos Graduate

The fourth in our week of blogs about all aspects of recruitment as demonstrated by our nominations at the CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards 2010:

Nando’s. What more can we say about them that as a restaurant you don’t already know? But as an employer? Did you know they’ve been accredited Three stars in the Best Companies Award for 2 years running, been an Investor in People for 10 years and this year have been voted No.1 in The Sunday Times Top 25 Large Companies To Work For. So they must be doing somethings right. Their candidate experience being one of them.

After 18 years of continous growth, they still need to recruit great restaurant managers but Nando’s has the added challenge of recruiting great managers who can also live the Nando’s values of Pride, Passion, Family, Integrity and Courage.

Nandos bottle pack

This is the challenge that we faced developing great attraction campaigns and an ‘information’ pack for every management candidate prior to an assessment day. From the very first point of attraction – be it in print (yes, that can still be effective), digital advertising or online listings – the Nando’s culture and style needs to shine through. The ‘information’ pack enhances this with more tasters of the Nando’s lifestyle, including a bottle of Nando’s sauce and a voucher to enjoy a meal in a restaurant. What better ways to experience what it’s really like to work there? Fall out before assessment days/interviews is another issue familiar to hospitality, so we developed a range of ‘reminder’ materials to combat this.

Overall, at every step of the recruitment process, the Nando’s employer brand sells through the culture and values. The actual assessment days continue this journey with an informal, fun but professional experience. With a trial shift and even ‘expeditions’ to local restaurants, the candidates are in no doubt what Nando’s, and the Nandocas, are truly like. It’s an honest, true to life experience for every candidate.

So what did we ‘experience’ at the CIPD RMA’s last night? Well, the winner was andsome and Nando’s. Pretty good result all round.


How we create the whole recruitment experience…Employer Branding


The third in our week of blogs about all aspects of recruitment as demonstrated by our nominations at the CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards 2010:

Zizzi ristorantes are run the Italian way – passionate and homely with a little flair. Each one’s a bit different – think Robert De Niro with a regional accent. They now have over 100 restaurants nationwide and employ over 3000 people.

Historically, like many in hospitality, Zizzi had relied heavily on Recruitment agencies. They needed, and were in position to capitalise on, much more direct recruiting. It was the ideal opportunity to create an employer brand that, in harmony with the Zizzi consumer brand, stood out effectively in the competitive hospitality recruitment market.

Working closely with HR, Operations and Marketing, together with much research among the people of Zizzi, we created the employer brand strategy of ‘You’re behind our success’.

Zizzi Invite

Simplistic, you may say. But that is truly the case here. The marketing strategy was built around Zizzi people make the difference in the restaurant and to the customers. So naturallly, we wanted everyone attracted to the organisation to feel that they are unique and part of the Zizzi family. That they are working in their own business/restaurant. That their passion and ability are responsible for their (and Zizzi’s) success – whether as a Manager, serving as a Team Member, working in Head Office or cooking in the kitchen.

The creative reflects this – building on the personal ‘dreams’ that are the foundation of your success in life. ‘Personal’ photos and thoughts are built into the campaign. As is a Ready-Steady-Go message, using colour and approaches to build excitement as candidates travel through the recruitment journey.


After just 12 months from having no real ‘identity’ in the recruitment marketplace, here are some of the results from the Employer Brand:
– Staff Turnover has decreased dramatically
– Candidates pro actively approaching Zizzi
– Attracted higher calibre of candidates applying
– Massively reduced dependency on recruitment agencies
– Lower drop out rates at assessment days and interviews
– Large reduction in the amount of offers declined
– Employer reputation has increased through heightened awareness

Let’s hope we get such a good result in Best Employer Brand tonight.

How we create the whole recruitment experience…Diversity


The second in our week of blogs about all aspects of recruitment as demonstrated by our nominations at the CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards 2010:

In 2009, ITV overhauled its approach to Diversity by introducing a new strategy – one all about Talent. It’s main aim – to attract and develop a diverse talent pool. Obviously, Diversity at ITV is essential to generating varied ideas and ensuring programmes are authentic and representative of the ITV viewing audience.

Working closely with ITV, we helped develop a brand and communication strategy that would convey the importance and value of diversity in the search for the best talent for the business.

Externally, the Talent strategy was built through various initiatives and schemes such as the ‘Foundation Placement Scheme’ and ‘Enabling Talent’ which successfully attracted and developed new diverse talent while changing the perception around who works for ITV – which is built around industry legacy and onscreen portrayal.


Internally, ‘Talent Champions’ were recruited from all areas of the business to act as ambassadors for ITV – both internally and externally. Each one championed a specific equality strand to raise diversity awareness and promote ITV’s activities externally. All to help ITV attract new recruits from the whole spectrum of diverse backgrounds.

Creatively, the challenge was to avoid using the ‘usual’ diversity clichés and tokenistic ‘equal opportunities’ approaches that most organisations deem appropriate. The communications had to be ‘real’ and believable – to both potential candidates and existing employees.

ITV Diversity ad

Since the strategy was launched there has been a significant rise in the number of applicants with disabilities and more disclosure around sexual orientation from applicants. While internally, the strategy as created an environment of opportunity – all around finding and developing the best talent rather than ‘diversity’ being just a corporate responsibility.

And that’s why we’re hoping for a good reaction in the Diversity Award category tomorrow night.

How we create the whole recruitment experience…Internal comms


The first in our week of blogs about all aspects of recruitment as demonstrated by our nominations at the CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards 2010:

Paul UK, for those not in the know, are a French bakery and patisserie brand selling premium, quality bread, sandwiches and cakes from stores across London. The produce is all hand-made and the majority is produced fresh in each store every day. (The rest is produced in their own private bakery.) The customer service (and values of the business) revolves around the traditional, personal service that used to be the norm in your local shops.

As you can imagine, the recession slowed their planned expansion – especially with their prominence in Square Mile locations. The business wanted to keep their people highly motivated and involved in the business ready for when their plans could go full ahead again. That time being now.

Together with the management and HR of Paul, after some research and feedback from employees, we helped to create an internal comms strategy – Quality takes Time – to encompass the overall philosophy and culture of the company.

Using, what these days most would recommend without thinking, social media was discussed but discounted as most Paul People are obviously shop/kitchen based without any need for using on-line during working hours. And as the key requirement was that communications created discussion/interest amongst their working peers – not on their own at home on a laptop, for instance – this meant utilising something more ‘traditional’.

So to bring the strategy to life, the first piece produced was the Paul Rubiks. It was a real representation of all six sides of the six Paul values with a real, hands-on demonstration of how Quality takes Time – literally. (Do you realise how long it can take to complete a Rubik cube?) It also portrayed/reminded everyone of the Paul culture – one that is slightly eccentric, kooky and playful.

What did it achieve? Naturally, it generated discussion. The hands-on activity of trying to fit the values together to make a ‘whole’ – exactly the skills and attributes Paul want from their people – created the expected interest. The memorable way excited new recruits and established employees to think more about what Paul was all about and why its plans were worth waiting for.

And that’s why we’ve got our fingers crossed for the Best Internal Recruitment Communications on Wednesday night.

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