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When branding is more than a logo

In a time when brand guidelines seek to stifle creativity. When exclusion zones, minimum sizes, usage do’s and don’ts rule the roost. Where brand guardians fiercely protect their turf over the insurgent designer who dares to be creative by ranging the brand font right. Along comes the day when a brand proves you can be far bigger than your ‘brand identity’. Well done Sun.

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We love Oreos

Ooooh Oreo, we do more than like your Facebook page. It’s the ‘Ow-to for social brand ‘marketing’. It’s On brand. It’s ‘Own content’. It’s Oh-so consistent. It can Only be Oreo. And it’s an Ongoing demonstration of ‘Ow to keep developing a social strategy. Especially for those who think that any Old content is worth sharing. Oh well.

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Personal branding is on the cards

The humble business card. How important are they now in this social media age? A time when your contact details can be shotgunned across many a social network for everyone to find. So why not use them as a marketing tool? Or a vehicle for some personal branding in the corporate world? (And if you can, have a bit of fun at the same time.) That’s our philosophy. Having recently moved, we obviously had a need to replace our last ones – a ‘Series of 20 to collect’ cards.

This time we’ve gone all ‘technology’ on them – QR coded, no less. And nothing else. No phone details. No addresses, either street or email. Nothing ‘written’ except for a URL, just in case you don’t have/know what a QR code is. We all designed our own cards – for print and online. With no corporate edict, apart from the inclusion of the andsome ident on the reverse and the QR code. These are mine.


Where does the code take you? To a personal webcard page. You’ll find all the usual business details and links to online presences, as well as an insight into what we’re individually like too. To see mine, scan the code below or click this link:


We’ll obviously keep updating our personal pages as time goes on – that’s the beauty of it. Your personal brand never stops growing and evolving, so why should it stagnate on a piece of card?

There’s an app that needs an icon

There is a Ye Olde Advertising saying: “Any great idea should work on a postage stamp”. (In this digital age many would answer: “What’s a postage stamp?” but I digress.) Nowadays surely the equivalent would be: “Any great idea should work as an Apple App icon”. Look around the App store – loads of logos, tons of icons and many, many poor excuses for both. Squeezed into that small pixel area you’ll find everything from bad clip art, Word document typography and identity use that the designers never allowed for in their brand guideline bibles.

We all know (or should do) that App icon is the ‘shop window’. One of many that iPhone/iPod Touch users love to show off to their friends. As they flip through pages (and pages and pages and…) of digital tools, games and playthings they carry in their pocket. Each App and its icon representing the style of the user.

So why do so many feel like after thoughts to the app they open the door to? Surely if you’re going to spend so long developing it with love, why should it appear that you gave it only a few seconds thought before you pressed the publish button?