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We love Oreos

Ooooh Oreo, we do more than like your Facebook page. It’s the ‘Ow-to for social brand ‘marketing’. It’s On brand. It’s ‘Own content’. It’s Oh-so consistent. It can Only be Oreo. And it’s an Ongoing demonstration of ‘Ow to keep developing a social strategy. Especially for those who think that any Old content is worth sharing. Oh well.

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Having no website – one year on

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It’s our first ‘Facebook Birthday’ today. A whole 365 days since we took the step to delete our website and move everything about us onto the Timeline. “Why do you need a corporate site and a Facebook page?” we asked at the time. Well, to be honest, it seems like we didn’t.

We still get similar traffic numbers to the page as we did to the site – at least through the old URL. But now we get surprise (and a few friendly questions) whenever anyone asks if we have a website they should/can look at. It’s definitely been a conversation starter with potential new clients. (And some older ones.)

We haven’t been overloaded with ‘Likes’ but we’re OK with that. As we’ve always said about Facebook, people can see you and get to know you without clicking that upturned thumb. But it’s been surprising how many people and companies are readily willing to chat via Private Messaging, as freely as they would use ye olde email.

The main difference? Obviously, it represents our USP as a Social Comms Agency, by virtue of being living proof of what we do and believe in. It’s our ‘live’ showcase of what we’re up to. (Sometimes as we’re up to it.) The most unexpected benefit? Gaining a client who’s first point of contact with us was directly through the page.

Wonder what the next 12 months will bring?

#andsomeintern – show us what you can do


It’s been a busy 2012 for the andsome bunch. Oodles of awards stuff – 30 nominations in total/13 shiny trophies collected so far. Lots of andsome busyness – across social media, websites, video and digital. And welcoming some new clients to the andsome fold – in retail, hospitality, fashion, FMCG, entertainment, diversity, phew, the list goes on. That’s why we’ve plenty to look forward to in 2013 – and so will you as our #andsomeintern.

To put it simply, we’re looking for one (maybe even two) people to join us as a paid intern for a minimum of 6 months. We’re known as a bit of a Social Agency, so you’ll need a love of the digital world.

You may be a Tweetaholic, a blogger extraordinaire, a flash-bang-what an instagrammer… you know what we mean. So, being our Social Media Intern could be right up your Pinterest.

Maybe you could be a coder, a programmer, a designer – you already know a whole lotta websitey stuff. And as our Digital Intern, you’ll want the chance to click here and learn more.

(Or you may even be a ‘Transformer’ between the two.)

As our intern, you’ll be expected to roll up your sleeves and get involved in all sides of andsome. What are we like? There’s plenty of links on here to give you an idea. But in a nutshell, we’re a comms agency into recruitment marketing, internal comms, employer branding, social recruiting, as well as general marketing and branding too. And we community manage social network accounts for our clients too – now that is different.

Do you like? Well, just prove to us how much.

We don’t want to see your standard CV right now (and that doesn’t mean just converting it into an infographic either), we want you to get our attention on social media or online. Show us why you’d be the best person to join us as an intern.

Simple as that. Then if we like what we read, see, watch, hear, whatever… well, you can guess what happens then.
Good Luck #andsomeintern

We don’t have a website anymore.


What? That is correct. From today, our website is no more. Our Facebook page is our ‘new’ website. Why? Exactly – why do you need a corporate site and a Facebook page? For us, we don’t. As we love the social space, work in it (and sometimes feel like we live in it), why would we need an old-fashioned URL somewhere else? It’s got everything we need. And we think everything you need to know more about us and what we do. Have a look for yourself. Here’s the link. (Oh, and we’d love it if you liked it…)

Alien Invasion sparks Twitter Involvement


Where were you when The Reapers invaded Earth? Well, if you were a gamer waiting for the launch of Mass Effect 3, you were probably reading the reports from Emily Wong on the @AllianceNewsNet under the hashtag #solcomms.

During the day of March 5th and carrying on through the 6th, you could see how the Earth was falling – not just from this ‘news reporter’ but the from the multitude of ordinary citizens around the world who told of their experiences. From across the US of A to the UK, from Europe to Australasia – the tales of heroism and desperation came flooding in. @103rdMarinesDiv tried to firefight the invasion while civilians made it to the evac points. @Sintakhra, the UK Communication Net, kept track of the mighty SSV Normandy and its intrepid Commander Shepard – as the fleet fought its way to safety. Even after the final message from @AllianceNewsNet at 3.45am – < Signal Lost > – the story continued.

That’s exactly what it was. A brilliant exercise in Twitter marketing, conceived by Bioware for the launch of the aforementioned videogame, Mass Effect 3. Of all the hundreds of Twitter accounts that recounted tales of Husks, Cannibals and Reapers – just one was set up by Bioware, @AllianceNewsNet. That started the story, the rest carried it on. There was no cheesy ‘RT this’, no prize for taking part, no encouragement to spread the word. But the ME Fans did just that.

They got involved. They made the story theirs. Through adding their own adventures to uploading pics of the events. (Yes, people even created their own photo evidence). Sure it’s geeky. Very geeky. But it was engaging. Enough for many to get carried away for a while in the fantasy, having a bit of fun, being drawn together, building the hype – and ultimately, creating a nice bit of marketing for the game itself.

All in all, it was a 21st century social media ‘role tweeting’ reboot of the infamous ‘War of the Worlds news broadcast’ by Orson Welles on October 30 1938. When millions of Americans tuned in (and panicked) to reports of the Martian invasion of the earth. Though this time, they didn’t hide in cellars, load real guns and wrap their heads in wet towels as protection from Martian poison gas, they picked up their game controllers and prepared to ‘take Earth back’.

It’s all about telling a story in Social Media nowadays – for marketing and social recruiting – and this is a classic example of what can be achieved.

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