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So what happened to 2013?

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This time last year, we listed our take on 13 things we hoped not to see so much of during 2013.

How did it go?

Copy Heavy Careers Websites.

Nope, still around and strangely as more sites become mobile-focused, so the content remains more copy based than visual/video

Employer Blanding.

Still plenty of me-too companies out there and for all the talk of the importance of employer branding, due to social activity, still not much movement on differentiating. (Guess that the focus on content curating means similar content?)

The Like, Comment, Share Game.

Thankfully RIP for 2013 in most cases.

Chip Shop Award Entries.

Again another one that seems to have died away, real entries for real clients is the name of the day.

Token Social Media-ism.

A difficult one – determined by how you define tokenism. Running a campaign using social media for it then leaving it to become mundane, or non-existent, would say it’s still around. But most now seem to realise the benefits, even if they’re still toe-dipping.

Social Recruiting Conference Overload.

This one has gone into overdrive this past year.

Big Data instead of Big Ideas.

Data still seems to be everyone’s fav, but…

The Over-Importance of Liking and Following.

Still here and still being used to say how successful your presence/campaign/employer branding has been unfortunately.

Design by Powerpoint.

Doubt this will ever go away for some people.

Facebook is just for Recruiting Graduates.

Nope, still the focus for so many. Shame that other sectors of recruitment are missing out.

Technology over Real Engagement.

Tech has remained the big beast as more often than not it promises engagement but then fails to deliver.

Curating Content rather than Creating Content.

More and more it’s been about creating content – for blogs. Wish for 2014 that there’s a realisation that blogging isn’t the only content creating that’s valuable on social media (especially in recruitment).

and not forgetting the infamous #NewYearNewCareer

Doubt that this perennial will ever disappear, no matter what the media.

Happy New Year from the andsome bunch.


When branding is more than a logo

In a time when brand guidelines seek to stifle creativity. When exclusion zones, minimum sizes, usage do’s and don’ts rule the roost. Where brand guardians fiercely protect their turf over the insurgent designer who dares to be creative by ranging the brand font right. Along comes the day when a brand proves you can be far bigger than your ‘brand identity’. Well done Sun.

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It’s all about the uniqueness… of your careers website

As the web changes and the social platforms influence the way it’s used, sometimes you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s becoming more uniform. Careers website design seemingly borders on template formula. Any ‘big idea’ from an employer brand is often left on the homepage. And web technique, or technology, can overshadow the messages you’re trying to promote.

 photo SCJohnsonBestEmployerBrandfactpage_zps6472d8ae.jpg

For SC Johnson, the site ‘lives and breathes’ the Responsible Careers employer brand. From the ‘environmental’ Tree Navigation to the revealing of the SCintilating facts. From the Point of View of the employees to the ‘personality’ of the animated infographic videos. For a company that makes ‘chemical’ products, it portrays the real human side of an FMCG business.

 photo EATMobile2.jpg

That human side is also upfront on EAT careers. The video only site promotes the passion of the people who work there. Filmed without scripts. In their words. In their shops. No fancy production. Real, honest communication. In three words. Just like the brand itself.

 photo TKMaxxManagerssite_zps5f41658c.jpg

Then there’s a brand with an ‘image problem’. Whose stores are seen as jumble sales. But the reality is so different. That’s TK Maxx. Where managers have more autonomy than almost every other high street, fashion retailer. But who would think that? Not many which is where a single-minded website comes into play. Highlighting what happens in a day. Hearing from existing Managers about what it’s really like. Understanding the success of the business. Testing yourself to see if you could manage one. All ensuring that you change your mind about the TK Maxx ‘experience’ and see the reality.

EAT was shortlisted in Best use of Digital Media in Recruitment at the Digiawards last night. And in tonight’s shortlists at the CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards, we have TK Maxx in Best Recruitment Website and the SC Johnson site is part of the the Best Employer Brand entry. All our fingers and toes are crossed.

Digital Designer #andsomejob blog

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We’re looking again. Looking for another newbie to join our andsome team. This time it’s all about a Digital Designer. We’re a digital social communications agency heavily into employer branding, recruitment marketing and social recruiting. And we’re into pushing boundaries across digital and social media. (Being rewarded by many an award or two over recent years is proof of our success.) From video-only websites to social community management, we’re different. Not having our own website, but a Facebook page – This is andsome – is proof of our belief. And why we’re after a different type of Digital Designer is again proof of our approach too.

We’re looking for someone who loves the World of Web – and is comfortable with everything from designing to coding. A knowledge of video – filming and editing – would be great, as we create and produce all of our own video content. And an interest in social media would do no harm, as we are constantly creating, managing and building social presences for our clients on a daily basis. We can offer you loads of opportunity and experience across a whole range of different clients – from global hotel chains to European FMCG businesses, from videogame companies to sandwich shops. We’re a small team. You’ll often be working with me, the Creative Partner. You’ll get so much exposure to so many different projects.  You’ll gain so much experience so quickly.

If you like the look, sound and feel of all that, then send your CV/links to or you can chat with us on Twitter @andsomepeople

#andsomeintern – show us what you can do


It’s been a busy 2012 for the andsome bunch. Oodles of awards stuff – 30 nominations in total/13 shiny trophies collected so far. Lots of andsome busyness – across social media, websites, video and digital. And welcoming some new clients to the andsome fold – in retail, hospitality, fashion, FMCG, entertainment, diversity, phew, the list goes on. That’s why we’ve plenty to look forward to in 2013 – and so will you as our #andsomeintern.

To put it simply, we’re looking for one (maybe even two) people to join us as a paid intern for a minimum of 6 months. We’re known as a bit of a Social Agency, so you’ll need a love of the digital world.

You may be a Tweetaholic, a blogger extraordinaire, a flash-bang-what an instagrammer… you know what we mean. So, being our Social Media Intern could be right up your Pinterest.

Maybe you could be a coder, a programmer, a designer – you already know a whole lotta websitey stuff. And as our Digital Intern, you’ll want the chance to click here and learn more.

(Or you may even be a ‘Transformer’ between the two.)

As our intern, you’ll be expected to roll up your sleeves and get involved in all sides of andsome. What are we like? There’s plenty of links on here to give you an idea. But in a nutshell, we’re a comms agency into recruitment marketing, internal comms, employer branding, social recruiting, as well as general marketing and branding too. And we community manage social network accounts for our clients too – now that is different.

Do you like? Well, just prove to us how much.

We don’t want to see your standard CV right now (and that doesn’t mean just converting it into an infographic either), we want you to get our attention on social media or online. Show us why you’d be the best person to join us as an intern.

Simple as that. Then if we like what we read, see, watch, hear, whatever… well, you can guess what happens then.
Good Luck #andsomeintern

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