Practice what you preach

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It’s so easy to pontificate in a blog post. Take all those ‘dos and don’ts’ you read about every day. Advice that will enable everyone to reach nirvana in social recruiting. The main sin being ‘Thou should not broadcast jobs’. That’s still the favourite theme of many a social recruiting expert. That, along with a multitude of content suggestions and scheduling tips.

These experts, and we’re talking about those who particularly reference company job accounts as opposed to individual recruiters, have they ever actually managed accounts? Where you talk and engage the community day-to-day, seven days a week. That’s when you can recommend what works and what doesn’t. It makes a huge difference to what you think it’s about, trust me. In the most part, those following such accounts on Twitter, Facebook et al, don’t want recruitment tips, CV advice – they want a job and they want to work for the company they’re following. Well, who knew? You would. If you asked them. Then you see why they’re interested what you post, not assume it’s just the helpful content everyone tells you they’re interested in.

That’s how over the past year, we’ve engaged one Twitter channel every single day and yet we only ‘broadcast’ jobs. (And more than doubled its following.) For another we have changed a static, mediocre Facebook page into an engaging community by, you guessed it, promoting the jobs. And it all comes down to how you do it. But we digress.

Going back to our experts. Unfortunately, most don’t follow their own recommendations. They broadcast their blog posts constantly, even putting out ancient posts to keep ’em pumping, Instead of ‘broadcasting’ jobs, they broadcast about social media in recruitment. The same type of content all day – and all night. Thanks to all the nice scheduling tech out there and all contrary to their expert advice that social is all about a timely, varied, interesting and more personable approach.

Is it the fact that they don’t practice what they preach because they are the experts and no one will question their output – just retweet it?

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