And the loser is…

Earlier this year we asked ‘Can Awards devalue Awards?’ In short, are there too many for the Recruitment industry and are they worth the win? Since then, how many of these events have extended their entry deadlines ‘due to demand’? Seriously. How many appear to have as many shortlisted as there probably have been entered? A few. And how many have been cancelled? Well, as of yesterday, the answer to the last question is one. Your Food Jobs People Awards is no more. Apparently, due to much interest but lack of entries. All of this after only appearing on the awards scene last year. Does this mean this sector is lethargic about entering or that there is no ‘work’ deemed worthy of doing so?

And it’s not just in them. The MAP Grocer Awards (formerly known as the GRAMIAs) has completely dropped its recruitment category for this year – although they have retained all the other branding and marketing ones. Again, is the Grocery sector not producing award-worthy work – or just not enough ‘quantity’  to justify a category?

Bigger picture? Are there now too many award schemes for what appears to be a diminishing pool of ‘award-winning’ work? It’s going to be interesting to see how the world of In-house Recruiter awards fares in the future as this appears to be a growth area this year.  Are the normal supporters of these awards – the recruitment comms agencies – more interested in sponsoring these events than concentrating on the ‘day job’ of working with companies to produce such work and strategies? Or are they being superseded and bypassed by the ‘D-I-Y’ culture that social media has encouraged?


  1. Alconcalcia Said:

    It was always nice to win an award when I was in the agency game, but back then it was pretty much just the RADs and The Guardian awards. Now, not a week seems to pass by without another awards event being announced. You’re right, there are far too many awards ceremonies these days. I even get the occasional email urging me to nominate people I barely know and certainly couldn’t vouch for the quality of their business offering or creative output.

  2. […] in August, we wrote “And the loser is…” about how in recruitment awards you now only get to see the winning entry and none of the other […]

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