Community Management with a passion

 photo CommunityResignation_zps31e8a040.jpg

Above is the ‘resignation post’ by Rich ‘FilthieRich’ Bantegui the Facebook Community Manager for Tekken (that’s a fighting videogame). A perfect representation of what it takes to be manage a community on Social Media. It’s all about passion. Whether you work internally or externally for a brand, it’s your interest and involvement in that brand that needs to come through. It doesn’t matter if you’re social marketing or social recruiting, that factor is the same.

It’s about hearts and minds, not excel sheets of content and timeplans of updates. And for social recruiting especially, it’s chasing the holy grail of conversation with, and amongst, candidates. That’s true engagement. The real buzz of being involved with a recruitment platform. The more mechanical engagement of ReTweets, Likes et al just don’t compare with that human element.

The candidate engagement should drive your approach and creativity. Which in turn drives their involvement with you. You can’t really have one without the other. In our opinion, community management is never just a job (even if you’re ‘selling’ jobs).

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