The best content just happens

The most engaging content often comes from those unplanned moments. It’s not to be found on any daily/weekly/monthly schedule. It couldn’t be. Because sometimes sh*t happens. And when it does… well, look at the engagement that followed in just 9 minutes.

 photo birdshit_zps6499c3d7.jpg

 photo instashit_zpsd3a360aa.jpg

That’s right. Over 500 Retweets. 20,000 likes on Instagram (plus over 1000 comments). That’s why Content planning should always be fluid because, like the Delevingner, you never know what’s going to happen next.

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  1. […] is that unless they have some super-hot news, or have done something outrageous or have had a bird sh*t on their head (seriously!!), then they are unlikely to be the unlikely victims of a viral tweet! Seriously […]

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