Having no website – one year on

 photo 2069_72040691728_8582_n_zpsf1d500ef.jpg

It’s our first ‘Facebook Birthday’ today. A whole 365 days since we took the step to delete our website and move everything about us onto the Timeline. “Why do you need a corporate site and a Facebook page?” we asked at the time. Well, to be honest, it seems like we didn’t.

We still get similar traffic numbers to the page as we did to the site – at least through the old URL. But now we get surprise (and a few friendly questions) whenever anyone asks if we have a website they should/can look at. It’s definitely been a conversation starter with potential new clients. (And some older ones.)

We haven’t been overloaded with ‘Likes’ but we’re OK with that. As we’ve always said about Facebook, people can see you and get to know you without clicking that upturned thumb. But it’s been surprising how many people and companies are readily willing to chat via Private Messaging, as freely as they would use ye olde email.

The main difference? Obviously, it represents our USP as a Social Comms Agency, by virtue of being living proof of what we do and believe in. It’s our ‘live’ showcase of what we’re up to. (Sometimes as we’re up to it.) The most unexpected benefit? Gaining a client who’s first point of contact with us was directly through the page.

Wonder what the next 12 months will bring?

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