Facebook’s news feeds social recruiting impact

 photo Facebook_zps01b86e26.jpg

What’s new for the social recruiting arena? Bigger images for one thing. Now your content does need to get noticed. More area. More impact. Higher resolution. Higher interest. Hopefully, this means much more thought about using own, rather than generic, content. And the disappearance of those non-visual page updates which looked rather invisible, even now, in the current feed.

But there’s more to the big picture of this latest Facebook update than that.

There are the Feeds themselves. That means more choice. On top of the current stream, there’s All Friends, Photos, Music and Following. The first three are obvious. The last one, Following, contains all the Pages you like and People you, well..follow. Which means your content is going have to work even harder. Relevance will no longer be an optional extra.

And to top all of this, finally, the Facebook experience will be identical across desktop, tablet and mobile. It was about time. And it’s yet another interesting installment since the introduction of Timeline for Pages just 12 months ago.

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