The future of recruitment is… now

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Direct resourcing has always been around – it just wasn’t as fashionable and some HR/recruitment weren’t so accountable.

Employer Branding was driven by employees way before it became popular to blog about it.

Technology is here – how it’s used is what matters, rather than just what it does.

Social media has had an effect on recruitment for the past 4 years – there’s no need to keep talking about what it could do, it’s what it does that matters.

Talent communities existed before social media or the latest social-enabled ATS technological advance.

Looking for quality candidates, rather than quantity has always been the holy grail.

Candidate Engagement wasn’t just ‘invented’ when organisations started using social media for recruitment.

Word of Mouth about opportunities happened way before you could tweet a link.

Spreading the word of jobs on Social Media is not a problem, it’s how you ‘post’ them that counts.

Website User experience isn’t Candidate Experience – it’s wider than that.

Recruitment marketing has been around for years – it’s quite worrying when recruiters think it’s a relatively new approach.

It’s time to keep it real. Too many conferences that offer the same topics/opinions/case studies will make it stale.

The time for talk is done, the time to do is here.


  1. […] Direct resourcing has always been around – it just wasn't as fashionable and some HR/recruitment weren't so accountable. Employer Branding was driven by employees way before it became popular to bl…  […]

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