It’s not what you look like

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During a Twitter conversation about candidates engaging on Social Media, through the #SRTech hashtag last week, the old ‘debate’ of People v Logos came up. To us, it’s one of those social media myths that are perpetuated by many of the SoMe Gurus out there. Those who think that the nature of social media means it should only be a ‘person’ representing the brand. Because people buy people and will only talk to people, engage with them, trust them – more than they would the ‘corporateness’ of a brand identity. Really?

Have you seen the engagement of Innocent on Twitter? Nando’s on Facebook? Remember 02 last year? They’re all social marketing examples but they all show how people buy logos. It’s no different in recruitment. We don’t see why people think it should be. Candidates buy brands. Want to work for them. They don’t want to work for the Recruiter in the avatar, they want to work for the brand – it’s culture, ethos and products.

It comes back to something more fundamental than looks. Behaviour. That’s how we approach all of the brands we work with. How the Twitter tweets. What the Facebook updates. The LinkedIn discussions. The Google+ hangouts. The way you engage with candidates. It’s what makes the Candidate Experience. And ultimately, determines how they view and engage with you as a potential employer.


  1. I would a bit argue with the outcome above. In my POV it is branding AND the human factor that candidates are after/engaged with.

    But true that a pure replacement of a corporate brand image with some faces does not necessarily make the game. This is more of being the combo (and alignment) of a pic and a ‘voice’ that creates the engagement.

    • We’re coming from the same side here, Balazs – it is the human ‘voice’ that makes corporate accounts work. No matter what the avatar pic.

      • Great! It is always a valid question whether we need to use a person’s avatar instead of a corp. pic (due to the voice etc). But yes, it indeed seems that the two of us are well aligned here 😉

  2. Danny heath Said:

    Like any form of marketing, the visual display will always help to draw people in. Essentially its the response/results that will keep people interested.

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