It’s all about the candidate engagement… now and for the future

Candidate Engagement. It’s vital these days. It’s the key to employer loyalty. It seems to be the buzz of 2013. But hasn’t it always been? It’s not all about the attraction – it should carry on throughout the whole ‘recruitment’ process and beyond.

For schemes, like ITV Work Inspiration, the importance is even more so. They are the future of the business (and the industry). With a process from attraction to actual experience taking around 10 months – that’s a big challenge to keep the engagement alive.

So rather than us blathering on about it. We’re going to leave it to some of the engaged candidates to show how powerful it can be. After all, if picture is worth a thousand words, here’s around 20,000 words of screenshots:

 photo WIbest2weeksrecommend_zps6cfdd38d.jpg

 photo WIlieaboutagetweet_zps02fc4e54.jpg

 photo Screenshot2012-01-18at221301_zpse034897f.png

 photo WIshortlistedtweet_zpsc491ad11.jpg

 photo WIcheeseconvo_zps853dc169.jpg

 photo WIAssessmenttweet_zps29173248.jpg

 photo WIgotintweet_zpsb7c211e9.jpg

 photo WIdaysbirthdaytweet_zps8424e444.jpg

 photo WIlookingforwardtoMonday_zps7f6d7dac.jpg

 photo WILivepictweeting_zpscb674d5b.jpg

 photo WIKnowledgetweet_zpsc610f480.jpg

 photo WIThismorningstudio_zpsb3cab2d4.jpg

 photo WIseeingwhatshappening_zps8d238dbf.jpg

 photo WIexperiencetweet_zps3cd4655c.jpg

 photo WIadvicetweet_zps4329afed.jpg

 photo WIcelebspotting_zps31d5d10f.jpg

 photo WIsadlastday_zpse1cc909b.jpg

 photo WIThankyoufortime_zpsd0248b03.jpg

 photo WIMissITVinspire_zps6937c10e.jpg

@ITVinspiration has been shortlisted at the RADS 2013 for the Emerging Talent Campaign. Will it follow in the footsteps of ITV Experience which won the inaugural award in this category last year? We’ll find out on Thursday. Fingers crossed.

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  1. STOP PRESS: We won. A brilliant achievement to win this category 2 years in a row for ITV. It’s great what working in partnership can do.

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