Lucky ’13


It’s almost 2013 (or it probably will be when you read this).

So, rather than looking back on 2012 or predicting what will happen in 2013, here’s our andsome take on 13 things we’re hoping not to see so much of during the next 12 months.

Copy Heavy Careers Websites.

Employer Blanding.

The Like, Comment, Share Game.

Chip Shop Award Entries.

Token Social Media-ism.

Social Recruiting Conference Overload.

Big Data instead of Big Ideas.

The Over-Importance of Liking and Following.

Design by Powerpoint.

Facebook is just for Recruiting Graduates.

Technology over Real Engagement.

Curating Content rather than Creating Content.

and not forgetting the infamous #NewYearNewCareer

Happy New Year from the andsome bunch.


  1. Brilliant. Couldn’t agree with you more!

  2. […] time last year, we listed our take on 13 things we hoped not to see so much of during […]

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