Is Twitter the death of recruitment?

twitter bird

Nowadays you can’t go on Twitter without seeing loads of links about ‘recruitment that, social recruiting this’ from most people involved in recruiting industry. It is good to be informed. To know what’s going on. To spread knowledge. And, we think importantly, to hopefully get inspired. But… and it’s a big BUT (and I cannot lie)… why does it seem like 98% of folks in the industry have to tweet about solely about the industry around 99% of the time?

I tweet alot about it. I know that. Before anyone comes back about it. But I tweet about lots of other subjects too. Some frivolous – videogaming. Some allied – social marketing. Some… well, you get the picture. There’s so much out there to talk about and share that ‘recruitment’ can learn from and be inspired by.  As a comms agency, and personally as a creative, anything can be an inspiration – it doesn’t have to have direct connection.

Recruitment does not, and should not, exist in a bubble. The more you solely pore over social media in recruitment infographics, the latest recruitment app, the most recent (or not so recent) blog post about employer branding and read another Top 10 must-do tip list about social recruiting – you’re seriously missing out on what’s happening in the real world, to, and with, the real people that you’re wanting to recruit.


  1. I agree. I tweet about everything, not just the business, and it puts me off when others don’t do the same. Great post. Thanks.

  2. Great post. Twitter is not just about business, even though too many people think it is. While I have created a Twitter account purely for business, I don’t even post 100% business stuff on it. Just the other day, I was asking people to vote for the nickname of my dog in becoming the company mascot! Thanks for sharing.

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