We’re stopping going on about social recruiting now


Huzzah. At long last. We hear you say. You tweet about it adinfinitum, day and night. Thank god for that. Let’s celebrate Gangnam Style.

The reason? Social media isn’t the new kid on the recruitment block any more. (Well for us anyways.) Because? It is recruitment. As much as a Press ad was 15 years ago. Digital advertising and Jobboard listings for the past 10 years. It’s now part of the recruiting landscape. It’s more than a way of finding ‘bums’ for seats. So much more. Social media is part of everyday life. It’s not going away.

Every project, campaign, brief, employer brand and even print that we work on nowadays has the element of ‘social’ embedded in it. Maybe that’s just the way we think. Our ‘andsome’ approach to solutions. Borne out of almost 4 years thinking, creating, community managing around this space. It’s the type of clients we work with (and keep attracting). But it’s there. Everything’s changed. And it’s an area we’ve worked hard to develop and build on. We’re proud of everything we’ve managed to achieve so far. (And we don’t just mean all those shiny awards.) But there are plenty more places to go with it yet. With more and more involvement in other areas outside of pure recruitment. So who knows where it will end up taking us?

But don’t worry, we’ll still be using the odd #socialrecruiting hashtag or two along the way. (Dammit, you say.) But only as we would #socialmarketing #recruitment #employerbranding #websites #print #digital and the other multitude of #hashtags we spread over Twitter everyday. What we won’t be doing is compartmentalising it in our thinking ever again.


  1. Good piece Mark, social recruiting should be the norm now. Lots of 3rd parties are still fighting it but I think it is great as it requires us to use marketing tools and not just sales tools. For brands it should be the only way going forward.

  2. Great post. Social recruiting shouldn’t be more than a habit now. I’m really surprised anyone managed to link this, or anything else for that matter, to Gangnam Stayle. Thanks for posting.

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