Do you read before you Retweet?


Sometimes it appears not many do. A quick click on a link ends up with a visit to an error page. Goes through to an expired job listing. Or worse still – you land on a page that isn’t worth a click thru because of the poor content or out-dated information. And that’s not just blog links.  Job listings are culprits too. Passed on too late or from bad sources, but no one actually cared to check them out first. Getting carried away with the catchy blog title or the ‘profile’ of the original Tweeter themselves.

Is it now all about being seen to share as opposed to spreading knowledge or opportunities that are interesting? Perhaps the cause celebré, amongst many a social media ‘guru’ – that of influence, is the cause of this frantic need to retweet? So much for the value of sharing. Don’t get us wrong, it is great to share. But at least ensure that it’s worth the effort.

PS. Don’t forget to RT this blog, obviously. 😉


  1. I click on these worthless links all the time; with people would read them first. Great post. Thanks.

  2. It can get pretty annoying when people don’t read. They seem to be everywhere. Great post. Thanks.

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