ZzZRp….the Recruitment that time forgot…ZzZRp


Hello you Earthypeople. ZzZRp. I am andsomodroid. I have come to visit your world and plug into your wonderful interwebby to learn more about this mysteries you call recruitment commings… and the commdevice named social media. ZzZRp. What is this I have focused upon? It is a webbingsite for the Recruitment Business Awards nominations. My, that sounds perfect for me to maximise my knowledge.

But what is this? ZzZRp. It does not compute. My early planetfather visited your wonderous orb in the year nineteen ninety nine ZzZRp. (Let’s Party) ZzZRp. to search out the mystery of this recruiting communications culture. He returned with several specimens of recruitment advertising, as it was called then, which he had captured from the fearsome RADS and appropriated from the society of the CIPD RMAs. ZzZRp. But of these samples I register on the RBA webblesite today – the majority appear to be of the same time containment zone. ZzZRp.

Has recruitment not evolved? ZzZRp. Is it not of a more digital age? ZzZRp. Are recruiting comms not more advanced than most of these specimens? ZzZRp. And where is this social medja (or social recruiting that is the cyber-vernacular these days, is it not?) of which so many bloggonabout? It appears not to exist. Like it has never happened. Or have these examples discovered the power of time/space distortion and escaped from the time that recruitment has forgot? ZzZRp.

I bid you farewell citizings of this globe called earth. We will return soon. Remember, we are watching you. ZzZRp. #weareoutthere ZzZRp.


  1. charliereeve Said:

    Reblogged this on Graduate Recruiter Blog and commented:
    Very creative blog – tickled me pink. Why? Because it is sooooOOO true!

  2. I see what you did there – very creative. But so true.

  3. Extremely creative post. And so true! Great post. Thanks.

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