Why recruitment is a social experience… for Employer Branding


Social media, or social recruiting, should be integral to any Employer Brand these days.  It can focus it – by candidate reaction. It can drive it – with employee involvement. It can be a real open window into a business and its people. Take our work with EAT. At its heart, the employer brand actually came from their brand guidelines. Actually, from an almost hidden sentence regarding copywriting: ‘Don’t use 30 words to describe something, when 3 will do’.


From there, the employer brand developed. Employees describing working at EAT. in 3 words on video. Copy for posters, listings and social media biogs written in 3 word sentences. Three word navigations on the video-only careers website (that’s also ideal for the mobile generation). Three word social media Avatars. Using the 3 word technique on Twitter. As well as owning the #in3words hashtag for recruiting. And even 3 word ‘visual’ content on Facebook – from training messages to recently promoted employees hold 3 word signs.


All media linked with a simple employer branded theme. Everything working together. No difference in tone from a poster to a tweet. Employee engagement from the website to Facebook. The results haven’t just been a more coherent message but an increase in candidate quality.

Real recruiting effectiveness – in 3 words.

EAT. are shortlisted in Best Employer Brand category at the CIPD RMAs on Wednesday night. Will it be ‘Hip Hip Hooray’? (in three words, obviously).


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