Why recruitment is a social experience… for Candidate Engagement


There was much talk at the recent #SRconf about employee involvement and even making them your social media/recruitment ambassadors. That all, of course, goes without saying. What wasn’t really touched on was the part potential employees can play – otherwise known as Candidate Engagement. We talked about it during our case study presentation about the success of the @ITVexperience attraction campaign.

Now the great advantage of Social Media, isn’t just reaching a diverse/targeted/appropriate audience – it’s that age-old, word of mouth. And that doesn’t mean relying on your own people. It’s not even the lucky candidates who have successfully got a position with you. In the case of @ITVexperience, it was even the ones who made it to the assessment stage.

Using the power of the Twitter ReTweet, we were able to share the enjoyment/thanks/wishes of these attendees – to all those interested in Work Experience at ITV, following and waiting for applications to re-open. Such is the engagement with the scheme and ITV (plus the social media accounts) that these applicants wanted to share their thanks/feelings/experience. This created so many reactions like the one above. And this was just to the assessment workshop. Just imagine what happened on Twitter last week when the candidates heard if they were successful or not. (In fact, go to the @ITVexperience and you can see for yourself.)

This is the advantage of an engaged community. An engagement built on conversation not just content. Word spreads. Hopes are raised. And candidates are ready to apply.

@ITVexperience is shortlisted (alongside @I_am_TV) in the Best Use of Social Media and is also part of the shortlisted ITV entry in Recruitment Effectiveness at the CIPD RMAs. We’ll see if the judges were just as engaged in its approach and success on Wednesday night. Here’s hoping.

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