Why recruitment is a social experience… CIPD RMA blog series


Next Wednesday it’s the CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards, so we’re going to be running another one of our ‘mini series’ of blog posts inspired by our five shortlists for ITV and EAT.

This year we’ve been shortlisted in Best Use of Social Media (twice), Best Employer Brand, Recruitment Effectiveness and Diversity. These are the categories that show how client and agency can really work together to create messages that attract, engage and recruit in an effective way. They’re the ones we’re always proudest to be recognised for. And, apart from the obvious category, all of them are heavily (and even solely) embedded in the use of Social Media.

So this Summer’s ‘Mini-Series’ will concentrate on what effect ‘Being Social’ can have on the Candidate Experience, your Employer Brand and your image (and culture) as an employer.

It starts on Monday.

And who knows, on Wednesday some of them may be more than just shortlisted. Fingers crossed.

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