The yawn on Twitter: Jobfeeds


Twitter jobfeeds. There’s the (occasional) good, the (often) bad and the (extremely) plain boring. Imagine the surprise when you see how Twitter’s very own jobfeed, @Jointheflock, does it. You’d be expecting something good.

Now it’s not too long ago, the recruitment twittersphere went a little bit ga-ga over a certain ‘pastiche’ employer video by the same username. But can the same be said for this update? No chance. It’s exactly the same as the majority of jobfeeds. (Except many of those, at least, think to include a hashtag or two to boost their reach.) It’s extremely underwhelming.

Now, we know that Twitter probably doesn’t have to try too hard to attract new recruits but shouldn’t you, at least, try to show your own ‘media’ to its best advantage?

Part of our andsome blog #Tweetweek series Рinspired by having reached 10,000 updates on Twitter as @andsomepeople 

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  1. UK Jobs Said:

    Understand your dislike about jobfeeds but they are a necessity. I run a multitude of Twitter job feeds and we have decided to limit them all to 2 jobs per 30 minutes. Jobseekers need to be aware of what is out there for them. Rich.

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