The beauty of Twitter: Authenticity


There’s nothing new about the world of social TV. With apps, such as Zeebox and – to act as your friendly sofa companions during your evening viewing. Then there’s the multitude of social media accounts for TV programmes, and channels – all to keep you involved and engaged via the odd hashtag or two. And, of course, there are the TV celeb accounts – the ultimate on-line PR of where and when they are appearing.

But how about the star of a show actually tweeting, and Twitpicing, during live broadcasts? Direct from the talent show’s judges chair. Yep, that’s during the The Voice UK. You’ll notice him on camera, using his phone for all to see. (Even though he was asked not to.) But it’s real. It’s part (or should be) of the reality format. And why not. It’s much more authentic than some psuedo-marketing tweets about the show to help keep viewers connected. His tweet above explains the reason why, so perfectly. You can’t argue with the fact.

And hopefully, even though producers of The Voice may yet try to ban him due to some viewers have complaining that he’s being distracted from his ‘day job’ of mentoring and judging by his tweet activity, long may he continue.

Part of our andsome blog #Tweetweek series – inspired by having reached 10,000 updates on Twitter as @andsomepeople 

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