JLS, QR Codes and an 8 year old with an iphone.


If you saw this life-size cardboard cut out of Marvin, or any of the other 3 members of JLS stood outside the O2 arena before their recent concert, what would you have done? Well, lots of people queued for a photograph – especially with the Aston one. And if you were eight, you grabbed your mother’s iPhone and scanned the QR code on his jacket and watched the video it linked to. That’s what we saw. And this young girl wasn’t the only one.

There were no prompts to do it. No messages pushing it. The code was just there. On each of them. She, and her fellow ‘scanners’ knew exactly what to do. That is the next generation. For recruitment, they are your future candidates. For marketing, your potential consumers. Even though many ‘experts’ doubt the usefulness of QR codes, they just did it instinctively. Now this variant of tech may not still be around in the eight or so years, when she’s looking for her first job. But their equivalent, or a version 3.0, will be.

So do remember that you should never dismiss anything just because ‘popular’ opinion dictates that it’s not worthwhile. And when new possibilities appear, especially for recruiting – be aware, be very aware.

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