Social recruiting enters a new Timeline


It’s arrived – TimeLine for Facebook pages. Signalling yet another change in the world of social recruiting. Gone are the beloved Landing pages. We’ll miss them. (Or will we?) But there is a nice big ‘picture’ banner to utilise. Tabs have ‘moved’ with only the first two prominent on the page. The Timeline (nee Wall) is now even more critical to tell your employer brand story. It challenges the need for more sharable content and more interesting posts. (Ironically, strengthening some ideas we’ve been playing around with for future campaigns – but that’s another blog.) Posts from candidates are viewed differently. Not to mention that private messaging is now possible – eat your heart out Twitter DM’s.

The whole experience of a Page has changed. It’s going to be interesting to see how it fares. Remember from a recent poll, isn’t it around 70% of Facebook users who aren’t that ‘keen’ on Timeline already? So for those just stepping into Facebook for recruitment, the game has altered before it began.

What all of this also proves is the need for an ‘adaptability factor’ in any strategy for recruiting using of social media. You can plan what you want to achieve. That’s easy. But the methods or platforms used needs to have a fluidity. The ability to change as ‘easily’ as the social media environment around them. Look how interest in Pinterest has taken off in the past couple of months. At the end of March, the full effect of Timelines will be felt as every single Page on Facebook is clicked over, like it or not. This ‘unpredictable’ nature of social media is what makes it such a challenging and interesting area to work within – as well as an exciting and rewarding one to use.

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