US Army – we salute you.


We award you a Medal of Honor for endeavours in the field of Social Media. With active operations on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Google+, Vimeo, Army Live Blog and the recently launched initiative on Pinterest, you are leading the way forward. And it seems from behind ‘enemy lines’, as in some quarters of RecruitmentUSA there is often little value held to using social media for anything close to brand engagement. And as you target audiences on each platform in a unique way, your latest move into Pinterest is an ideal movement to reach its predominantly female demographic.

So unlike many, you’re not afraid to put it to the test and are doing so to catch onto the growing popularity of the platform now – rather than waiting in the trenches to see what happens next. (Even though you could, having established forward bases on all the major social media fronts already.)

It’s real employer marketing. Or Social Employer Branding, as we like to say. And in that awful cliché ‘War for Talent’ – you’re showing how fortune favours the brave. You really are a ‘client’ after our own heart. We salute you.

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