RADS Blog Week Day 5: Five #andsomewinners


What a night. Five shiny RAD Awards to find room for. Three awards for the wonderful Zizzi – Best Campaign, Best Campaign Website and Best Digital Marketing. Two awards for brilliant ITV – both for @ITVexperience – Best Emerging Talent and Best Use of Social Media. We’re so happy. And so grateful to be working with great clients who give us the opportunities (and trust) to produce results like these.

Moreover – as we blogged about after the CIPDs last year – we’re particularly proud to have won a non-social media category with a purely social media based campaign. Evidence, we think, that social recruiting is now an established recruitment approach.


  1. Brilliant results guys – and thoroughly well deserved! I like the fact you won a non-social award with social media…..quality!

  2. stephenod72 Said:

    Congratulations guys! Loving your work.

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