Roi, Advertising, Digital, Socialrecruiting – RADS blog week coming soon

Next week, we’ll be running another of our ‘mini series’ of blog posts. This time, inspired by our nine nominations for ITV and Zizzi in the shortlists at this year’s RAD Awards. As five of them are for social recruiting campaigns, you can probably guess what some of the content will be about. As a teaser, here’s what to look out for:

One of the shortlists has been using social media for annual campaigns over the past 3 years, so we’ll be talking about how the effect and effectiveness of the SoMe platforms has changed over that time.

We’ll look at the roles of digital advertising and mobile should play in the employer marketing campaigns of today – in another.

How Twitter can be your ‘advertising’ will be another topic.

And finally, what ‘ROI’ social recruiting can help to achieve for your employer brand.

So four posts over four days all typed with crossed fingers, until we see what happens next Thursday night.

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