Social recruiting is for Christmas too

Twitter Ho, Ho, Ho

Remember when the world of recruitment comms stopped over the festive period? No one advertised as there was nowhere to place it. And no one was interested in job hunting anyway – until the New Year when the infamous ‘New Year, New Career’ headlines would fill the classified sections. Well, social media has changed all of that. For good.

Nowadays the candidate experience doesn’t have to stop – even on Christmas day. Who didn’t pay a visit to Facebook or Twitter on that day or many others during the past holly-days? There is always talk in social recruiting of being where the people are – and that doesn’t just mean the platforms they use, it also means the times that they are on them. We had a couple of social recruitment campaigns running over this festive time – both were more than alive, in fact one had almost 600 click thrus on Twitter during the supposed Xmas/New Year 3 day ‘quiet time’.

But Xmas isn’t just for recruiting. It’s also for keeping your talent communities connected and engaged with your brand – by posting, tweeting and updating about anything other than job vacancies. You’d be surprised how ‘Liked’ it can be and it doesn’t take Santa Claus to guess what all that appreciation and involvement can mean for your employer brand.


  1. John Dennehy Said:

    I was reviewing analytics for our jobs pages and can report that 24th, 25th and 29th of December were about 50% of usual traffic across all of our customers. I would have thought it would be much lower.

  2. Matt Alder Said:

    Doesn’t surprise me and to be honest I think it has always been the case with the internet. I remember running an online campaign about 10 years ago which had three completed applications on Christmas Day.

    As ever though it will probably take our industry another 10 years to realise the old rules have changed!

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