The unloved QR code

The haters always point to them being seen at inaccessible places, such as on the London Underground. ‘What’s the point?’ they moan, ‘There’s no signal, no wi-fi or anything.’ But when you get out of the underground? You can pick up your network in the street. Pop into Starbucks for a coffee and log on. And that’s before you even reach your wireless-enriched office.

How does that help with the unloved QR code on that poster you saw in the carriage when whizzing around the Circle Line? Well. If you’d scanned it. You’d be accessing it through the ‘History’ of your QR code reader as you enjoy your Crème Brûlée Macchiato. Nice.

So don’t just think ‘immediate access’ the next time you see a QR code in what you think is the ‘wrong place’. Think ‘bookmarked’ for future reference instead.

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