It’s still all about attraction


Discussions around recruiting, especially using social media, appear to be in danger of forgetting what it’s actually all about. By focusing on the individual aspects of  it. There’s much talk of talent communities. Then technology. Employees as recruiting ambassadors. Mobile accessibility. The list goes on.  All the way down to writing a job ad properly. It’s getting too segmented. It should be a mix of the whole – that most important and fundamental aspect, that seems to be neglected, of Attraction.

Recruitment isn’t just a process. It’s an appeal to the heart as much as the head. Why do I want to work for Company X? Because I like what they stand for/what they do/what they offer me (in a career and benefits)/etc. It’s not that their job ads aren’t just published job descriptions. That their technology makes my application easier. Or their online community is bursting with interesting candidates, not to mention the competition for the roles I’m looking for. And if there are employees spouting how good it is at Company X all over social media – my cynical side wonders if they’re real or just stooges.

No I want to feel needed. I like them to want me. For me. My skills, experience and ability. They need to sell themselves to me. And what’s in it for me. I want to be attracted.

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