The one that got away


Best use of Copywriting. At the CIPD RMAs. That was the one. Personally, it was the award I really wanted. (In a career blessed with over 80 awards so far – it takes a special ‘one’ to get me that excitable.) But we didn’t get it.

Why was I so keen? Well… it was the first ever Tweeting to get shortlisted – and possibly even entered. Creating and writing a compelling, interesting message – including a response link and hashtags (to spread the word) – in just 140 characters is a skill in itself.

We consider writing a tweet is like writing for a billboard poster. It’s all about creating an impact. With all the billions of tweets out there – and even if you narrow it down into tag streams – or even just your followers – you need to get noticed. Stop people. Attract them. And intrigue them to find out more.

Copywriting isn’t always about tone and touchy-feely stuff, it’s  also about producing something that attracts (and illustrates the role – in recruitment, that’s key obviously). Which is why we felt this approach to copywriting – using a new(ish) recruitment media deserved something. It’s not ‘old skool’ copy as we’ve said already, it’s copywriting for the new generation (of candidates and recruitment.)

Still we can’t complain as another of our social recruiting campaigns won Best use of Social Media on the night. But let’s see how ‘Social Media’ entries do in this and the other ‘non-social media’ categories from now on. Hey, maybe we’ve a started a trend…

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  1. Alex Said:

    I applaud your award recognition, but I also applaud your honesty and not holding back in expressing your (IMHO rightful) frustration and disappointment.

    I think unfortunately in any sort of judging where bleeding edge work gets mixed in with the “usual” it will be limited by the appreciation and understanding of the panel – perhaps if you could attach this blog to any submission for the RADs it might help people see the (again IMHO) genius behind the work 😉

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