Not another year older…


We’re 13 this month. Yep, we’re becoming a Terrible Teen. Last year at this time, we looked back on 12 things that had affected the world of recruitment in our first 12 years. Now, as time moves quicker when you’re older, how about 13 things that we’ve not done in the last 12 months, (maybe 13 months then, just to make it more ‘creative’) that have shaped us for our teenage years.

Not strayed from our original vision (even in these ‘difficult’ times)
Turning down the opportunity to pitch for a £3 million account because we weren’t convinced by the EVP

Not stuck our head in the sand
Refused to ignore the changing recruitment landscape and actually embraced the change head on

Not sold out
Declined to repitch for some business, just to keep it for the bottom line

Not just talk
Social recruiting – while everyone talks about it, we’ve just been doing it

Not forgotten our roots
It’s still about the ‘big idea’ for all the tsunami of technological advances

Not compromised what we do
Means we still work with (and get approached by) some great people

Not tried to be something we’re not
Being open and honest about what we are, meant we ‘gave up’ the chance to gain a nice client

Not wanting to take over the world
We never set out to be the biggest, simply to do what we do best (and enjoy it)

Not hired and fired
Wanting to keep it compact has meant we’re able to be more agile

Not stuck to tried and tested
We don’t try to be ‘safe’ when recruiting, experimenting is so much more fun (and effective)

Not ignored why we do what we do
We’ve never taken our eyes off how we can help our clients, rather than only concentrating on our own ‘business’

Not forgotten what’s important
It’s all about effective solutions that find (and recruit) the right people

Not stopped believing…
The reason why we set up 13 years ago

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