Computer says ‘job?’


As Social Media jostles with Job Boards for its place in the recruitment line up, many direct employers think they’ve found the answer. Their auto-announcing ATS. It’s brilliant. Time and effort saving. While taking out the human element if mishtakes. Simply ‘load’ your vacancy on the system and not only does it list it on your own careers site but, by a miracle, it’s out there on Twitter. In all its autobot glory. Wonderful. No tactical tweetage. Never mind ‘creative’ tweeting. No hashtagging into appropriate streams (apart from the ubiquitous #ukjobs or #jobs). Nor any employer (branded) messages. No ‘different’ takes on the robotic *New Vacancy* Job Title – Location – (link) theme. Just a stream of identical broadcasts with only the odd role change.

Now, if you saw a vacancy and had a question – who would you ask? The Twitterfeed? If you didn’t want to receive an answer, then yes. Otherwise… well back on the old email, I guess? And there we thought Social Media was about interaction. Silly us.

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  1. Alconcalcia Said:

    I saw a recruitment ad for a very prominent UK membership organisation shoved out in this way on Twitter recently with no thought for any kind of allure or sell. Just 200+ lines of job description cut and pasted into their content management system and lobbed out into cyberspace.

    When I questioned its worth, or severe lack of it, not least as it was for a fairly senior level role in communications/publishing, I got a reply with words to the effect of “our CMS doesn’t give us much leeway to be creative”. A definite case of Computer says ‘no’!

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