Personal branding is on the cards

The humble business card. How important are they now in this social media age? A time when your contact details can be shotgunned across many a social network for everyone to find. So why not use them as a marketing tool? Or a vehicle for some personal branding in the corporate world? (And if you can, have a bit of fun at the same time.) That’s our philosophy. Having recently moved, we obviously had a need to replace our last ones – a ‘Series of 20 to collect’ cards.

This time we’ve gone all ‘technology’ on them – QR coded, no less. And nothing else. No phone details. No addresses, either street or email. Nothing ‘written’ except for a URL, just in case you don’t have/know what a QR code is. We all designed our own cards – for print and online. With no corporate edict, apart from the inclusion of the andsome ident on the reverse and the QR code. These are mine.


Where does the code take you? To a personal webcard page. You’ll find all the usual business details and links to online presences, as well as an insight into what we’re individually like too. To see mine, scan the code below or click this link:


We’ll obviously keep updating our personal pages as time goes on – that’s the beauty of it. Your personal brand never stops growing and evolving, so why should it stagnate on a piece of card?

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