How we put the social into recruiting…poaching for Zizzi

The first in our week of blogs about the ‘socialness’ of recruitment – inspired by our shortlist inclusions at the RAD Awards 2011:

The hospitality poaching card. Love them or hate them, and that normally depends if your people are on the receiving end of them, they are one of the ultimate direct sourcing methods. Even a real world ‘social recruiting’ one – your own people helping to attract more great candidates into your business.

Historically, Zizzi have been on the receiving end – their people being approached, or appoached, by others. Nowadays, capitalising on their established, and award-winning, employer branding they have the ‘standing’ to go out and utilise this method to the maximum.


Zizzi are proud of their people and how they are behind the success of the business. Each restaurant displays every single team member and manager in a frame of polaroids. You’ll even find a team polaroid on every menu too. So, what better way of attraction than giving a mini ‘polaroid’ to a potential candidate and offering them a place in a Zizzi ‘Frame of Fame’?

This interactive, heat sensitive, poaching card not only creates interest but also generates comment. One to be shared with peers, if the interest doesn’t sway you, and with friends, as you show them what’s attracting you to consider a career with Zizzi. It’s a conversation starter. Not only has its use already recruited some great managers into the restaurants, it’s also created a buzz of enthusiasm amongst the operations team to make the most of them. What more could you ask?


Unfortunately this RAD Entry didn’t make the shortlist for Best Literature, but it made our “Not a RADs Shortlist but we like it, Uh Uh” list.


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  2. Emeline Said:

    Entre mis viajes peentdnies que qui su colorido y oler sus aromas.ero hacer pronto está la Provenza, he leido y me han halado tanto de ella, que me muero por ver

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